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Chiki Avo Nigiri
Rice Dish

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  • $25


    Pan-fried vegetable dumpling with super crispy wings

  • $23.5


    Pan-fried chicken-ish with Yakitori sauce & salad with white soy dressing

  • $7

    Edamame Gluten Free

    Boiled soy beans in the pod marinated with Himalayan pink salt

  • $21.5

    Japanese Curry Rice Gluten Free

    Simple homemade Japanese curry served with potato chips & pickles. Select your favourite toppings from Katsu / Karaage / Veggies.

  • $15

    DIY Potato Salad Gluten Free

    Potato with flavoured Spanish onion and cucumber, topped with sweet corn and mayo. Smash and mix it yourself!!

  • $5.5

    Miso Soup Gluten Free

    Chef’s selected vegetable miso soup

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Eat Safe Gold Coast is a food safety initiative for all licensed food businesses throughout the city.