• $14


    Pan-fried vegetable dumpling with super crispy wings

  • $5

    Miso Soup Gluten Free

    Chef’s selected vegetable miso soup

  • $13

    Chiki Avo Nigiri

    Future of Sushi – Chicken-ish katsu & Avocado with Teriyaki sauce, mayo sauce (4pcs)

  • $12.5

    Edamame Chips

    Edamame soy beans wrapped in spring roll wrappers

  • $25

    Tempura Tofu Don Gluten Free

    Tempura silken tofu with thick teriyaki sauce & mayo, salad with carpaccio dressing

  • $27

    Katsu Don

    Rice bowl of crumbled chicken-ish katsu with original sauce + Salad with carpaccio dressing

  • $25

    Terichiki Don

    Rice bowl of pan-fried chicken-ish with thick teriyaki sauce and mayo + Salad with white soy dressing

  • $6.5 ea

    Sushi Rolls

    Just Avo (Gluten Free) / Veef Coriander: Teriyaki beef-ish & coriander / Tofu: Tempura tofu with teriyaki sauce (Gluten Free) / Katsu: Pork-ish cutlet fry with wasabi tartare sauce / Terichiki Avo: Teriyaki chicken-ish & Avocado

  • $21

    Japanese Soba or Udon Noodle Soup

    Japanese noodle soup with smooth and flavourful dashi-soup. Change soba noodles for Gluten Free option

  • $25

    Karaage Don

    Rice bowl of chicken-ish karaage with thick teriyaki sauce and mayo + Salad with spicy garlic dressing

  • $24

    Japanese Curry Rice Gluten Free

    Simple homemade Japanese curry served with potato chips & pickles. Select your favourite toppings from Katsu / Karaage / Veges.

  • $22

    Aka Ramen

    Rich spicy miso butter-ish noodle soup topped of corn, flavoured bamboo-shoots, and smoked bacon-ish

  • $24

    Midori Ramen

    Midori’s rich noodle soup with toppings of umami spicy mince, bok choy & leek

  • $9.5

    Smoked Edamame Gluten Free

    Smoked soybeans in the pod marinated with special shiodare sauce.

  • $8

    Edamame Gluten Free

    Boiled soy beans in the pod marinated with Himalayan pink salt

  • $12.5

    Agedashi Tofu Gluten Free

    Tempura tofu in delicately flavoured mushroom dashi-soup

  • $16.5

    Nasu Miso Den Gluten Free

    Seared eggplant topped with sweet miso sauce and sesame sauce

  • $15.5

    Deep Fried XX Bucket

    Vege spring rolls, karaage, calamarings, asparagus, edamame chips & sweet potato chips

  • $16.5

    DIY Potato Salad Gluten Free

    Potato with flavoured Spanish onion and cucumber, topped with sweet corn and mayo.

    Smash it yourself!!