• $15

    The Premium Malt’s (Tap Beer)

    A premium 100% malt Pilsner style beer brewed only in Japan. Enjoy a delicate floral aroma and a rich and creamy flavour. Suntory only uses carefully selected pure ingredients: high-quality Czech Saaz aroma hops, diamond malts and natural Japanese spring water.

  • $15

    HITACHINO Craft Beer (Bottle)

    A refreshing Belgian styled beer with hints of coriander, orange peel, nutmeg. Enjoy one of HITACHINO’s top-selling beers both in Japan and U.S.


  • $13

    HAKUTSURU Jyunmai

  • $18

    MIO Sparkling Sake

Japanese Liqueur

  • $12/$50

    PLUM WINE (on the rocks / straight)

    • Glass - $12
    • Bottle - $50
  • $12/$50

    YUZU NIGORI (on the rocks / straight)

    • Glass - $12
    • Bottle - $50
  • $12


    Chu-Hi is short for Shochu Highball. It’s made with Japanese distilled sprit ^ soda. Midori’s is made with barley shochu and the following selection of flavours:

Japanese Whisky

(On the Rocks / Straight)

  • $25

    Hibiki Harmony Whisky

    Delicately balanced, smooth and subtly sweet, Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a blend of more than 10 malts and three grain whiskies, up to approximately 20 years old, that create an enveloping harmony of flavours and aromas.

  • $15

    Kakubin Japanese Whisky

    Light, sweet and crisp, it boasts both balance and versatility. Rich gold in colour, Kakubin offers a stimulating blend of biscuit, vanilla and spice.